Well Typhoon No. 16 was the worst we've had so far. First time we shut the storm doors of the house and then just huddled inside. Power went out many times durning the night and with the wind we didn't get much sleep at all. In the morning the streets were covered with leaves, branches and in many places fallen trees! The wind blew the chairs on the deck around, took off plants but the most damage was it ripped off the railing and half of the deck of the office building! Well was going to take it down sometime anyway. Ened up sawing off the broken part (so it wouldn't swing into the house). Throughout the day there were the sounds of people using chainsaws in the area and the smell of fresh cut timber was in the air all day. Here are a few picts we took.
半分吹き飛ばされて無くなっていた。ま、いずれ撤去する予定だったので、だめになった部分を切り落とした。(万 一、さらに崩れたら危険なので)

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