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Old News
  • 2008.01.01 (Tue): Happy New Year! Another year without a post... will try to do better this year! Kayo has been keeping things up to date with her Blogs. Check out the Photo Album on Bryans - Rokko Chapter for timely updates!! Also, although it is in Japanese, her Living On Rokko Mountain has lots of pictures as well! Last year four of us climbed Fuji again to see this check out The Fuji Four Musketeers! We also visted the States and again Mom and Dad visited Rokko (and we got lots done on the house)!

    Wishing everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Great 2008!

  • 2006.12.26 (Tue): Wow Times Flies! Almost a year since the last Update! So much has happened but of course the most important was the birth of our Son Isaac Don Bryan on May 9th!! Lots of Adventures as well. Be sure to start with The FujiSix and check out the many links there! Wishing everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year!

  • 2006.01.01 (Sun): HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can't belive it's already
    the new year! Make sure you check out the new RokkoHouse
    and the Shikoku 88 Temple Tour! Wishing you all a wonderful
    and prosperous New Year!

  • 2005.09.17 (Sat): Update! Wow! After almost 8 Months
    finally updated the site! (and changed some things around.<G>)
    Next is to start adding all of the new pictures! And write the
    FAQs, and......

  • 2005.01.17 (Mon): Winter Wonderland! Woke up to a very, very
    snowy Rokko today.
    Also put up some pictures from last week of Hoo Relaxing and the
    Doggies playing in the snow.

  • 2005.01.02 (Mon): Happy New Year! Got back to the house
    after a few days of skiing in Hokkaido to find snow all over Rokko!

  • 2004.12.17 (Fri): FIRST SNOW! While out walking the doggies
    it started snowing! Our first snow on Rokko-san. Even though it's pretty
    cold outside, snow does something that warms a person up.

  • 2004.12.11: We finished up the Deck this week and all the picts are
    posted! Working on pieces of siding and other things around the house
    a bit. Dad leaves next week and we can't belive how fast things have
    gone by. Enjoy the deck pictures and please feel free to drop by to see
    it in person!

  • 2004.12.04: Had a wonderful time with Mom, Tamara and Rachael
    here. Lots of pictures from their trip. Also had a few people up to the
    house for Thanksgiving. Dad is staying for an additional two weeks, so
    back to working on the house now!

  • 2004.11.21: Quite a bit of rain, so not as much work as we had
    hoped to do. The deck is coming along and we've even started to put
    down the Red Ceder decking. It is going to be beautiful! Also a couple
    new pictures of the Doggies! Take a look!

  • 2004.11.15: Lots happening while Dad is here. The doggies love
    having him here also. Have pictures of the first week of working
    on the deck, and got a wood-stove put in where the fireplace was.
    The smell of wood and warmth really enhance the house. We also
    got a visit from Hana-chan's Daughter Hime-chan!

  • 2004.11.14 With all of the pictures up now, thought it best to
    split them up into sections. Have made "House", "Doggies",
    "Views" and "Around Rokko" sections. Let us know what you think!
    Please feel free to give us you comments on the site! Just go to
    the Guestbook to send a message.

  • 2004.11.07 Finally got up another month of pictures. Many more of Hana and Hoo.
    Got the home office and home gym finally set up. More pictures off of the deck in many
    types of views and got our Guest room set up!

  • 2004.09.01 Sunny up here now, but Typhoon No. 16 came through
    and boy was it a big one. Here are a few Picts.

  • 2004.08.28 A beautiful day to update the site.
    Some more cute pictures of Hoo and Hana.
    Mama's wonderful work on the Roof. And finally
    a Gate for the Stairs.

  • 2004.07.22 Added some pictures to Kayo's Mom and Grandma being down.
    Finally got the bedroom flooring done, and we've moved in so that we can
    sleep on our own bed!
    And introducing the newest member of our family, Hana-chan!

  • 2004.07.18 We've moved in and Kayo's Mom and Grandma are down for the weekend.
    I'm still working on the flooring, but getting it done bit-by-bit.

  • 2004.07.11 Ok, big Update! Finally got lots of picts from when the parents were here up. The renovation is moving along quite well.
  • 2008.01.01 (火): あけましておめでとうございます!もう一年が立ちました。今年こそもっと書くように!佳世はまめにプログをアップデートしてますので、是非英語で武頼庵ー六甲のフォトアルバムを見て下さい!または日本語の分は「六甲山で山暮らし」。僕は再び富士山に挑戦、「富士四銃士」を見て下さい!後はアメリカに久しぶりに行って、そしてママとパパはまた日本に来ました(家の色々を直しました)!


  • 2006.12.26 (火): 時間が経つのは早いね、約1年ぶりの更新です。今年は本当に色々なことがあって忙しかったけど、一番大きな出来事は、息子の伊作(イサク)・ドン・ブライアンが5月9日に生まれたことです! また色々なアドベンチャーにも挑戦、まずは「富士シックス」を見て下さい!僕よりはマメにアップデートしている佳世のブログ「六甲山で山暮らし」も見て下さいね。皆様よいお年をお迎え下さい。新年が素晴らしい年となりますように!

  • 2006.01.01 (日): あけましておめでとうございます!

  • 2005.09.17 (土): アップデートだ! やっとサイトのアップデートだ!

  • 2005.01.17 (月): 雪国! 朝起きたら六甲は雪国だった。
    その他に、 のんびりしているフウ雪の中で遊ぶ犬達の写真もアップしました。

  • 2005.01.02 (月): あけましておめでとう!北海道のスキーから帰ってきて

  • 2004.12.17 (金): 初雪だ!今日犬の散歩で何と雪が降って来た!

  • 2004年11月15日 ネイソンのパパが日本に来てくれて、家の修理、改造をしてくれています!

  • 2004年11月14日 写真があまりいっぱいになったので各分納に
    しました。ご感想を!皆さまからのメッセージ の書き込みを

  • 2004年11月07日 また一ヶ月分の写真。ハナとフウも沢山。ホームオッフィスとジムも。
    皆さまからのメッセージ の書き込みをお待ちしています!

  • 2004年09月01日 今太陽は出ているけど、先ほど台風16号が来た!

  • 2004年08月28日 今日はアップデートするにいい天気だ!
    ちょっとフーとハナの写真。 またママが屋根に頑張った!

  • 2004年07月22日 佳世のお母さんとおばあさん の写真。
    で家族の新しいメンバー ハナちゃん!

  • 2004年07月18日 私達引っ越ししました!
    そして佳世のお母さんとおばあさん は週末に来ました。
    僕はまだフローリング, を頑張ってる、ま、コツコツと。

  • 2004年07月11日 いっぱいアップデートしました!そして僕の

Updated: 2005.09.17