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  • 2009.01.01 (Wed): Happy New Year! Well last year sure was a busy one! Probably the highlight was having our house featured on a TV show. See it here.(The Sub-Titles are taking a bit more time to make than I thought.... hope to have them up soon.) Dad came over for the shooting and we built a beautiful gate for the entrance among other thigns. Isaac is growing and growing and has started going to Daycare which he really enjoys. Kayo has gone back to work. As always, check out updated pictures on Kayo's Blogs and Photo Album. Also, although it is in Japanese, her Living On Rokko Mountain has lots of pictures as well! Nathan has also been rediscovering LEGO with Isaac and is putting together a Blog with information on LEGO in Japan. He will also try to update the RokkoHouse Blog more often this year as well.

    We hope everyone has a Great 2009!
  • 2008.01.01 (水) : あけましておめでとうございます!昨年は本当に色々と忙しかった!最大の出来事は家がテレビに取り上げられたこと。録画はコチラ。そのためお父さんがアメリカから来て、新しいゲートなど色々な作業が出来た。伊作は日々大きくなり保育園に通い始め、とても楽しんでいる。佳世は仕事に復帰。色々な写真は武頼庵ー六甲のフォトアルバムでどうぞ!または日本語のブログは「六甲山で山暮らし」。寧尊は伊作と一緒にレゴ活動に「復帰」。日本のレゴ情報のブログを始めた。また六甲ハウスブログの定期的に更新するよう頑張ります!


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